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Do you write mpreg? How about Niall is preggerz but still wants to go on tour & stuff while Liam is super protective & they end up having a fight cause Niall wanted to go clubbing with friends but Liam didn’t like the idea and then fluffy ending? :3 - paynoforlifex

A/N Thank you so much for the prompt! I’ve never actually written mpreg but I gave it a go.

warnings: mpreg (surprise), swearing

Niall smiled at his small baby bump. Since he was at around 3 months pregnant, he was finally starting to show a bit. He jumped a bit when he felt arms around his waist, but giggled softly when he realised it was his boyfriend Liam. He leaned back against Liam’s chest as Liam pecked his cheek. 

He was so glad Liam was there for him during his pregnancy. The only thing was that the older boy could get a bit overprotective. Niall thought it was quite cute at times, other times it was annoying as fuck.

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Demoman: It's a fluke, you should be the pregnant one. Considering...

Sniper: Nah, mate.

Clint mpreg! Clint being miserable and cranky but totally also in that epic "nesting" stage. Because you're right, there needs to be more Clint mpreg. *might try to write a drabble of him preggers too*



(it may contain the following)


"Mmhmm?" Clint hummed at the call of his name, but didn’t turn around from where he was parked in the middle of the living room, one hand on his hip, the other alternating between rubbing his chin, scratching his head and threading through the short hair at his nape.


The voice was a bit firmer this time, and it pulled Clint back out of his head, but only barely. “Yeah?”

"What are you doing?"


The sigh that came was one of exasperation, although Clint couldn’t really tell because he was still absolutely focused on the empty room in front of him. He nearly jumped out of his skin when he felt a pair of arms snaking around his rounded midsection.

"Shit! Fuck!" Clint had to hang onto the broad shoulders behind him to catch himself lest he fall flat on his ass. "Jesus! Phil! Don’t scare me like that!"

"Be careful!" Phil admonished, rolling his eyes. "And I’ve been calling your name for the past five minutes. You just didn’t hear me."

Clint blinked. “Uh… really?”


"Uhm, sorry?"

Phil snorted and drew Clint closer to him, back to his front, and rested his arms right above Clint’s round belly. “What’s going on? You’ve been standing in the door way staring at the spare room for a while.”

Clint felt his face warm. He didn’t realize he’d been standing there for that long. “Uhm…”

Phil kissed the spot right behind his ear that always made Clint smile. “Hmm?”

"It’s embarrassing," Clint finally said. It really was. If Phil hadn’t caught him standing there, Clint would deny the whole thing.

Phil said nothing, just waited for Clint to put words into sentences, their body swaying to something that only Phil could hear.

"I… I was thinking about going to the hardware store and getting some paint." Clint said, his face still warm. "I want to get started on putting the baby’s room together before I got too big to move. I was thinking what color would look nice."

Clint could feel Phil’s mouth pull into a grin as he buried his face to Clint’s neck. Phil didn’t seem to be upset that he wanted to paint a whole room in Phil’s apartment into a color that isn’t white. If anything, Phil pressed closer to his back. Clint felt himself melt into the warmth of the alpha’s body.

"And have you decided yet?" Phil finally asked, after pressing a kiss to Clint’s jaw.

"No," Clint sighed, feeling a little cranky, but only at himself. Never at Phil. "I wasn’t sure what you’d like. It’s your apartment after all."

"What are your choices?" Phil muttered as he nosed at Clint’s neck. Clint had no idea why Phil seemed to love doing that. It was an intimate act that he’d only ever seen with couples who’d been together for years. He and Phil definitely wasn’t that; they were barely even a couple. If it wasn’t for the baby, he doubted that Phil would ever entertain something like this.

And now he was boring him with wall paint for god’s sake.

"I was thinking a pale purple, but it might be too… much. Maybe a light green? Or a pale brown, or sand or whatever they call that color. Something a bit more gender neutral," Clint answered, dropping his gaze to where Phil’s hands rested on his belly. They didn’t even know whether it was going to be a girl or a boy, or even if it would be an alpha or not. First borns usually were.

"They all sound nice," Phil said, sounding speculative. "How about this: we’ll go to the store this weekend and get some paint chips and see what works best?"

"Really?" Clint’s mouth gaped, as he turned his head to look at Phil. "I mean, it’s okay to paint the walls?"

"Of course," Phil said, looking at Clint like he’d gone crazy before dropping a kiss to Clint’s forehead.

"Uhm, thanks?"

Phil just smiled before giving Clint a tug. “Come on, dinner time.”


Ratchet chuckled a bit as he smoothed his servo over Starscream’s enlarged abdomen, “Seems you were right, the new sparks finally settled down.”

Starscream sighed contentedly and smiled, “Of course I was, a good soak can calm even the fussiest of sparks.”

Ratchet snorted in return, “Let’s hope that logic holds up when they emerge.”

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Making Other Motherfuckers


He’s been running here, there, to one store or another, in and out of the living block, for nearly a perigee. It’s exhausting to even watch him.

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these are just some really lame shitty doodles idk i just feel like i should post something


In a world where everyone is no stranger to male pregnancy, jaded Dr. Harry Styles fell in love with a young miscarriage patient, Louis Tomlinson.


valhallalagoon replied to your post: wtf should i doodle tonight

Something involving several small pumpkins.


this isnt even close lmao

on a creepier note i was really tempted to draw a skeleton body suit with a little baby skeleton on his tummy


Genre - Mpreg, Yaoi, Angst, Vampire!au

Pairings - Keo, Navi, Hyukbin

Appearances by EXO and YG artists.

Jaehwan is a human who accidentally winded up being out after curfew, and that’s when the wolves almost killed him. If it hadn’t been for Taekwoon, who saved him, he would be dead.

Taekwoon is a lonely, mateless vampire living in a clan with his Leaders, Hakyeon and Wonsik, and the two youngest, Hongbin and Sanghyuk.

When Jaehwan and Hongbin get kidnapped by the wolf pack, EXO, Jaehwan becomes weaker and weaker without contact with Taekwoon. What will happen if Taekwoon doesn’t save him in time? Will the help of Lee Chaelin’s clan be enough?

I Feel the Love and I Feel it Burn



Title from ‘Counting Stars’ by ‘One Republic’

Warnings: MPreg, M/M, angst

Disclaimer: I own none of these characters

A/N: I’ve never written any Zouis before, but I’m going to give it my best shot. I hope you enjoy. 

This could not be happening! Why him? It was only meant to be a one night thing, him and Louis had both agreed it would be for the best if they just stayed friends. But no! That stupid pair of pink lines just had to be staring him right in his guilty, hazel eyes. 

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